The Anet A8 PLUS is big, cheap and won’t catch fire. 3D Printer Review | anet a8

The Anet A8 PLUS is big, cheap and won’t catch fire. 3D Printer Review

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The A8 Plus from Anet is an affordable 3D Printer with a large print volume available as a DIY kit or semiassembled, but is it the right machine for you? Watch to find out!
Purchase Links:
A8 PLUS DIY (Gearbest)\u0026lkid=62398275
A8 PLUS (Anet Store)
My PrusaSlic3r settings for the Anet A8 Plus
Models Shown:
GayerAnderson Cat
Cave Entrance
A8 Plus Cooling Fan Upgrade
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50 3D Printing Tips and Tricks
3D Printing Essentials

The Anet A8 PLUS is big, cheap and won't catch fire. 3D Printer Review

BLTouch Setup on an Anet A8 with Marlin Firmware

Today i show you guys how to setup the BLTouch probe on the latest Marlin FW for the Anet. Yes i know, it’s not an Anet Printer, but it is running on an Anet Board, SO THERE!!! 😛
ANTCLABS aliexpress store:
Matterhackers Orbit:
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
For the latest discounts and codes on 3D Printers from gearbest, check out the following link:
BLTouch Wiring Instructions:
scroll down to anet wiring
Thingiverse instructions:
Prusa Extruder with BLTouch addon:
Arduino IDE:
Marlin FW:
Anet Board for Marlin:
Sponsor Filamentive Filaments:
EU: use code 3dmakernoob for 15% discount
US: use code 3dnoob01 for 15% discount

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BLTouch Setup on an Anet A8 with Marlin Firmware

Make a Cheap 3D Printer Better – Anet A8 Print Quality Upgrades

Now that we’ve made our Anet A8 3D printer safer, it’s time to add some upgrades that will make improve the print quality.
Anet A8 3D Printer
Anet A8 Assembly Video
Anet A8 Safety Upgrade Video
Anet A8 Skynet Upgrade Tutorial Video
Hot End Mosfet Tutorial
Upgrade Part Files
3D Benchy
20mm Calibration Cube
YAxis Drag Chain
XAxis Drag Chain
Filament Guide 1
Filament Guide 2
Fan Nozzle
Z Wobble Brackets
Frame Supports
YAxis Belt Tensioner
XAxis Belt Tensioner
Mosfet Stands
Tools \u0026 Materials
White 1.75mm PLA Filament (Amazon)
ZAxis Bracket Bearing 608ZZ (Amazon)
Pin Vise (Amazon)
Small Drill Bit Set (Amazon)
Needle Files (Amazon)
Linear Bearings LM8UU (Amazon)
Retaining Ring Pliers (Amazon)
Fiberglass Reinforced Belt (Amazon)
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Make a Cheap 3D Printer Better - Anet A8 Print Quality Upgrades

10 Awesome and Practical 3D Prints!

Hey guys, I hope you are doing great. I’m finally back with 10 awesome and ACTUALLY useful 3D prints. The earbud fix and the magnetic phone holder is in my opinion the most practical one’s. ALL credit to the creators of these great 3D models, you can find down below.
If you want to print any of the 10 awesome and practical 3d prints you can find the STL files here:
Drawer Organizer
Custom Hooks
GoPro Mount
Rick Bookstand
Phone Holder
Hard Drive Case
Battery Holder
Paint Roller Adapter
Battery holder and paint roller adapter will be updated soon.
If you need a 3D printer I recommend the Creality CR10, it’s the printer I use the most and I recently got a second one simply because it’s the printer I like the most. You can get it here for $350:

10 Awesome and Practical 3D Prints!

Anet A8 3D Printer Basic Setup

How to setup an Anet A8 3D Printer Basic Setup
Written Tutorial:

Anet A8 3D Printer Basic Setup

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