CISCO – How to connect to #Cisco Switches/Routers using Console Cable and #PuTTY | สาย console cisco

CISCO – How to connect to #Cisco Switches/Routers using Console Cable and #PuTTY

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USB Console Cable USB to RJ45 :
USBC Cisco Console Cable,OIKWAN 6ft USB Type C to RJ45 Serial Adapter:
Cisco Terminal Emulator Settings for Console Connections:
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CISCO - How to connect to #Cisco Switches/Routers using Console Cable and #PuTTY

How to Connect to a Cisco Switch Using Putty (CCNA)

Need to connect to a Cisco Switch or Router’s console port? I’ll show you how!
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Overview: 0:00
Rollover cable: 1:24
DB9 RJ45 connector: 2:55
Modern Console cable: 3:37
USB to Serial converter: 4:28
USB console ports: 6:00
Connecting a laptop to devices: 6:52
Download Putty: 11:37
Select serial port in Windows: 13:11
Access console of a switch: 14:49
USB console to switch configuration: 16:35
Initial Configuration Dialog: 19:42
Basic Switch settings: 23:07
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ccna console putty

How to Connect to a Cisco Switch Using Putty (CCNA)

Connect PuTTY with Cisco Router using Console Cable | Change PuTTY Text Color/ Font Size (CCNA)

Cisco Putty IT_Support_People
IT Support People Facebook Page:

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In this video I have demonstrated step by step process how to Connect Cisco Router or Switch using PuTTY and Console Cable as well as how to Change Text Color, Font Size, Background color permanently on PuTTY.
First Download and install PuTTY (emulator terminal software) from
Step 1: Attach the DV9 Female end of Console cable with the DV9 Male end of the USB to DV9 Serial Converter and then connect the RJ54 connector end of the Console cable to the Cisco router or Switch.
First check the COM port number
Step 2: Check the COM Port number:
= Go Device ManagerPort (COM \u0026 LPT)check USB Serial Port (COM port)
Step 3: Open Putty
Select Connection Type to \”Serial\”
in Serial Line change the COM port number exactly which we checked in step 2.
click open and a black window will appear and press Enter finally it will access the Cisco Device.
Type \”enable\” to go to privilege mode.

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Connect PuTTY with Cisco Router using Console Cable | Change PuTTY Text Color/ Font Size (CCNA)

Using Putty to connect to the console port of a Network Device

In this video I am demonstrating how to connect to the console port of a network device using putty.

Using Putty to connect to the console port of a Network Device

Connect to Cisco console port

Connecting your computer or laptop to a Cisco Console port. The video is basic and explains in simple terms the parts and connections you need to make to establish a console connection with a network device.

CONTRIBUTIONS to support Network Advisor:

Connect to Cisco console port

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