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brother MFC-J2330DW

Connect MFCL2730DW to a wireless computer – Windows

Learn how to connect your Brother MFCL2730DW laser printer to a wireless computer using Windows in this video tutorial.
Models covered:
Brother MFCL2730DW

This video is for Windows users, for the Macintosh version click:
For more videos, tutorials, and FAQs visit our support site at:
Quick Links / Table of Contents:
Models Covered 00:09
Insert or Download the software 00:19
Running the Installer software 00:32
Alternate connection methods 01:00
Enable Wireless window 01:18
Failed to Connect window 01:38
Locate SSID and Network Key 01:49
Machine control panel 01:58
Continue setup with the Installer 3:03
iPrint\u0026Scan install 3:18
PaperPort Install 03:30
User’s Guide and Registration 03:44

Welcome. Today we’re going to connect your Brother MFCL2730DW to a wireless computer using the setup wizard
This video will cover multiple models and operating systems even though your machine may not match the model on the screen the overall process will be the same.
Insert the installation disc or download the full driver and software package from

Navigate to your installer file and doubleclick to begin installation. When the device installation window opens choose your language and click \”Next.\”
Accept the license agreement and then click \”Next.\”
Select wireless network connection and click \”Next.\”
When the “Detecting existing wireless network settings” window appears verify your Network Name and click “Next”
In most cases the setup wizard will be able to automatically apply your wireless settings and connect your machine to the network.
If for some reason the setup wizard was unable to automatically connect your machine, you will be prompted to try alternate methods of connection. The next section of this video will cover those alternate methods.
If the Enable Wireless window opens you will need to go to the control panel of your Brother machine
Press the WiFi icon, then select WLAN Assistant
Press “Yes”
Now press “OK”
Your Brother machine will now retrieve the network settings from your computer
If you receive a Failed to Connect message click “next.”
When prompted for a USB cable select “No” and then click next
Locate your SSID or Network name and your Network Key. These can typically be found on the bottom of your router.
Now go to the touchscreen of your Brother machine
Press the WiFi Icon on the touchscreen
Select Setup Wizard from the option list
Select your SSID or Network Name from list, and press “OK.” Please note that if your network is set to hide the network name you will have to manually add that network name.
Enter your Network Key using the touchscreen.
Once the wireless connection is made, press “OK”
On your computer click “Next”
Click the checkbox next to “Checked and confirmed” and click “Next”
Once your machine is connected to your wireless network, you can continue with the setup process
Select your Brother machine from the list and click \”Next\”
Select Standard installation and click \”Next.\”
The iPrint \u0026 Scan application will automatically install. If you don’t wish to install at this time click “Install Later”
If your model support scanning you will be prompted to install PaperPort. Click “Install.” Once PaperPort is installed click “Next.”
Click \”Next\”
Click on Brother registration if you would like to register your machine at this time. You can also open the online user guides for you model. Once you are through click \”Finish\”
Your installation is now complete
For more Tutorials, FAQ’s and Videos, visit us at
Thank you for choosing Brother
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Connect MFCL2730DW to a wireless computer - Windows

4004846 มัลติฟังก์ชันอิงค์เจ็ท Brother MFC J2730DW

4004846 มัลติฟังก์ชันอิงค์เจ็ท Brother MFC J2730DW

How to clean Brother inkjet printer´s print head clogged nozzles?

How to clean a clogged Brother print head inside a multifunctional inkjet printer with nozzle cleaner fluid + flushing tube + refill syringe. We demonstrate a simple way WITHOUT wasting valuable inks and WITHOUT filling up the printer´s waste ink container.
Print head cleaning kit at Octopus:
Print head cleaning kit @Amazon search for: B01N5R5TGI
I just cleaned all ink colors with an Brother cleaning kit. When I run the printer, all I get is wet paper and no ink appears on the paper.
After the cleaning there is still some cleaning fluid remaining in the print head, that is whay You get wet paper when printing after cleaning. It is the best way to print out this remaining nozzle cleaner please use old paper to do these test prints. According to Your printer model it may take many print to get out the cleaner, but this way the waste ink pad in Your printer is not polluted unneccessarily.
All manufacturers and brand names are used only to indicate compatibility and are the property of their respective owners. Octopus® assumes no warranty, responsibility or liability for the success or any consequences resulting from the procedures of its instructions.

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How to clean Brother inkjet printer´s print head clogged nozzles?

แกะกล่อง printer brother MFC-J2330DW

แกะกล่อง printer brother MFCJ2330DW
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แกะกล่อง printer brother MFC-J2330DW

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