AMD APU A10 7700K + Radeon R7 + Test Games (Español) | a10 7700k

AMD APU A10 7700K + Radeon R7 + Test Games (Español)

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Hola a todos aquí nuevamente les traigo otro armado de Pc Semi Gamer ya que se trata de un APU de AMD , osea un Pc solo potenciado con los graficos integrados en la CPU que son Radeon R7, en este vídeo se arma el equipo y muestro el rendimiento con algunos juegos como Counter Strike Global Offensive , Borderlands 2 y Grid 2, espero que lo disfruten y que les ayude a conocer mas de hardware.
APU A10 7700K 3.4 GHz / Radeon R7 (FM2+)
DDR3 4 GB 1866MHz PC314900 HyperX Fury Red
Disco Duro 1TB Sata3 7200 rpm 64MB
Gabinete ATX 450w Force 500
Dale Like y Comparte.

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AMD APU A10 7700K + Radeon R7 + Test Games (Español)

FAV_Aimbot | Highlights #53


800 dpi / in game sensitivity 1.2 / ads 1 (Toggle) / 16:9 1920×1080 FOV 110

Music : kid E$$ for u

MNB ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4
VGA RTX3080 palit

Mouse g pro x superlight
Mousepad Artisan hien mid xl red
keyboard COX Pinnace
headset Logitech G PRO
Monitor XL2546
Monitor arm NB F100A

Monitor settings
black equalizer 12
color vibrance 12
Low blue Light 0
brightness 100
contrast 50
definition 10
gamma 4
color temperature red 100 green 100 blue 100
AMA high

FAV_Aimbot | Highlights #53

AMD A10 7700k based PC

With the new lines of CPU being released this winter by AMD, I decided to build myself a small and relatively cheap desktop computer to test the qualities of the new A10 7700k processor which sports an integrated graphics by ATI: the Radeon R7.

Benchmarks here:
\”F1 2013\”

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Full specific:
AMD A10 7700k Black Edition 4 core @ 3.4 GHz + GPU Radeon R7 @ 720 MHz
8Gb DDR3 Corsair Pro @ 2133 MHz
Motherboard AsRock FM275MHD+
60Gb Kingston solidstate drive SSDnow
case: techsolo
Mouse and Keyboards wireless
Wifi TPlink nano

AMD A10 7700k based PC

AMD A10-7700K APU Test in 9 Games (2019)

The AMD A107700K APU was released by AMD back in 2014, comes with 4 processor cores and R7 iGPU with 6 graphics cores. I achieved a decent performance gain by overclocking the CPU to 4.5 GHz and the GPU from 720 MHz to 900 MHz.
Join the Discord:
Test System:

CPU: AMD A107700K @4.5 GHz / iGPU @900 MHz
MB: Asrock FM2A68MHD+
RAM: 16GB Gskill Ripjaws DDR3 @2400MHz
SSD: Toshiba Q300
HDD: WD Black, 1TB
Tested Games:

Apex Legends
Rainbow Six Siege
Battlefield 5

AMD A10-7700K APU Test in 9 Games (2019)

Overclocking A10-7700k + R7 260X OC + ASUS A55BM-E

CPU OC with AI Suite: 2:10
CPU OC with the ASUS BIOS: 5:48
GPU OC: 7:31
Benchmark Comparisons: 10:00
Passmark: 11:08
Valley Bench: 11:42
3DMARK: 12:42
Battlefield 4: 14:45
Battlefield 4 Screen Shots: 18:09

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Darkwolf Project is the name I gave the 700 dollar water cooled gaming PC project based on the gamertag of the person I built it for.
I used Passmark, 3DMARK, Unigine Valley Benchmark and Battlefield 4 to test this system.
I had a avid BF4 player (Gonzkilla check him out of twitch) test out this rig side by side with his PS4 and he agreed that the graphics looked a lot better on the Darkwolf project.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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Overclocking A10-7700k + R7 260X OC + ASUS A55BM-E

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