1995 Bmw 316I E36 compact / Pov Fun driving trying to drift | bmw e36 compact

1995 Bmw 316I E36 compact / Pov Fun driving trying to drift

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1995 Bmw 316I E36 compact / Pov Fun driving trying to drift

E36 Compact Detail // Quick Edit

Full exterior detail done on @mcmillion_made’s E36. Figured I record some of the process, nothing super indepth but gives me something to post so fuckem!
Side note: Im not a professional so don’t get too upset if you see me doing something differently than others

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E36 Compact Detail // Quick Edit

CLASSIC: Second generation #BMW M3 [E36] ▶ QUICK Walkaround

Second generation BMW M3 was a completely new car and a completely different car. This was the end of an era for an uncompromising sports car that was consistently tailored to be competitive in racing and demanded bold qualities from its drivers. An elegant and sophisticated coupé now emerged on the roads with a powerful yet cultured sixcylinder engine.
The fourvalve engine delivered 210 kW or 286 hp, thanks to the VANOS variable valve timing. This innovation allowed the opening point of the inlet valves to be adjusted to the engine speed and load. The advantage was that torque, power and consumption could be optimised simultaneously.

The new M3 engine was a pioneer among naturally aspirated engines generating 320 newton metres at 3600 revolutions. The sixcylinder generated as much power as the previous M3 engine with a peak value of 230 newton metres virtually from idling speed. This made the M3 a world champion.

No other naturally aspirated engine had such a high specific output 97 hp for each litre of displacement or such a high specific torque 108 newton metres per litre of displacement. The coupé took 6.0 seconds to sprint from a standing start to a speed of 100 km/h, and the acceleration only stopped at a speed of 250 km/h. This was not because the engine had run out of power but because the electronics brought the acceleration to an end BMW had set this voluntary limit.
Meanwhile, the DIN consumption values were at a level that would also have looked good on paper for a midrange car: the BMW M3 used 9.1 litres of super in the Euromix formula. Leadfree was standard because naturally the super sports car had a catalytic converter. The engineers had revised the catalytic converter technology specifically to meet the needs of the new engine and developed the \”stereo\” oxygen sensors. This allowed the mixture for groups of three cylinders to be regulated separately with an oxygen sensor through separate exhaust systems. It enabled the vehicle to comply with the specified exhaust limits, in fact undercutting them by more than half.

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CLASSIC: Second generation #BMW M3 [E36]  ▶ QUICK Walkaround

Interesting \u0026 Unusual Features of the BMW E36 3 Series Compact (1994-2000)

The BMW E36 3 Series Compact was BMW’s first modern introduction of a hatchback into its lineup since 1974, being a 3door hatchback based on the E36 3 Series sedan platform while also sharing some elements with the previous E30 generation. The model range includes the 316i and 318ti (petrol inline4 engines), the 318tds (diesel inline4 turbo engine), the 316g (naturalgas compatible with bivalent drive) and the 323ti (petrol inline6 engine).
It was one of the first cars that pioneered the highly popular premium hatchback segment in the automotive world, which now includes models such as the BMW 1 Series, MercedesBenz AClass and Audi A3.
Unlike its small hatchback competitors, it used a rearwheel drive configuration instead of frontwheel drive retaining the sporting heritage and driving experience that the brand is so well known for.
In this video, I will show you the most interesting and unusual features of the exterior, interior as well as the driving experience that this 90s German rearwheel drive hatchback has to offer.
Thank you for watching the video!
0:00 Background
2:34 Exterior Features
6:52 Interior Features
10:11 Driving Experience

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Interesting \u0026 Unusual Features of the BMW E36 3 Series Compact (1994-2000)

BMW E36 318Ti Window Regulator Repair and Slider Replacement

Got the drivers window fixed, simple repair for cheap with new sliders!

BMW E36 318Ti Window Regulator Repair and Slider Replacement

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